how to stop cat spraying

Stop Cat Spraying: Tips and Techniques

Cat “spraying,” or urine marking, is a cat’s way of telling other people and felines to back off, this is their territory. The reasons for them spraying vary – from feeling threatened to trying to attract other cats for mating, but with these helpful tips, you can quickly eliminate urine marking, whatever the cause may be.

learning the piano basics

Learning The Piano: The Basics To Get Started

Playing music is a special talent. New research shows that approximately only 54% of households have a member who can play a musical instrument. In those households, 48% have two or more additional members who play an instrument. While this number is still quite high, almost half of the population still doesn’t know how to play an instrument.

woodworking basics

Woodworking Basics: A Short Introductory Course

Woodworking is much more than a gratifying hobby that can turn into profit. It can boost your mood and increase mental sharpness, reduce anxiety and stress, improve math and communication skills, enhance fine motor skills, help you hone in on your creativity, and so much more.

introduction to yoga basics

Yoga Introduction: The Basics You Should Know

Practicing yoga regularly presents many scientifically-proven benefits for your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. It’s a therapeutic style of exercise that anyone can use, regardless of age, gender, flexibility and mobility, with different styles that cater to your individual preferences and goals.