how to stop cat spraying

Stop Cat Spraying: Tips and Techniques

Cat “spraying,” or urine marking, is a cat’s way of telling other people and felines to back off, this is their territory. The reasons for them spraying vary – from feeling threatened to trying to attract other cats for mating, but with these helpful tips, you can quickly eliminate urine marking, whatever the cause may be.

tips to get babies to sleep

How To Get a Baby To Sleep: Tips and Strategies

It’s estimated that for every child you have in your house, you are 50% less likely to get a good night’s rest. That means if you have more than one child, your chances of getting sufficient sleep is pretty darn close to entirely unlikely. But with these helpful, scientifically-proven tips, you can get the sleep you need and have children at the same time.

Teaching Your Child To Read

Teaching Your Child To Read: Tips and Techniques To Try!

New research has found that children literacy rates are shockingly low. Approximately 67% of grade 4 studies in the United States are unable to read at a proficient level; 45% of Canadians are semi-illiterate; 42% of UK children leave school before getting a basic functional level of English, and 33% of grade 5 students in Australia do not meet the benchmark literacy skills.