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Keynote papers:

Eagle-Eyed Visual Acuity: An Experimental Investigation of Enhanced Perception in Autism: by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, et al. - University of Cambridge, UK

Treatment of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Emergency Department: Special Considerations: by Dr Thomas Owley - University of Illinois, Chicago, USA

Autism Life Skills: by Chantal Sicile-Kira - Author, USA

Savant Syndrome and Autism: Some Myths that Persist: by Dr Darold Treffert - University of Wisconsin, USA

Early-life environment, the immune system and autism: by Professor Rodney Dietert - Cornell University, New York, USA

The Representational Status of Pretence: Evidence from Typical Development and Autism: by Dr Chris Jarrold - University of Bristol, UK

Autistic attachment: Can those with autism experience love, loss and trauma?: by Donna Williams - Author, Australia

Overlap between Autism and Specific Language Impairment: Comparison of Autism Diagnostic Interview and Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Scores: by Dr Susan Folstein - Pioneer in autism twin research, Baltimore, USA

TEACCH - An overview: by Dr Gary Mesibov - Former director, Division TEACCH, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

The question of inclusion: by Carole Rutherford - Autism-in-Mind, UK

Music therapy for autistic spectrum disorder: by Dr Tony Wigram - Aalborg University, Denmark

Navigating the Sea of Approaches for Working with Children on the Autism Spectrum: by Professor Stephen Shore - Adelphi University, Long Island, New York, USA

The reasons for dietary intervention in autism spectrum disorders and other psychiatric conditions: by Dr Karl Reichelt - University of Oslo, Norway

Reciprocal co-regulation of EGR2 and MECP2 is disrupted in Rett syndrome and autism: by Professor Janine M. Lasalle - UC Davis, California, USA

Language abilities of children with Asperger's syndrome: by Dr Satu Saalasti - University of Helsinki, Finland

Action for Asperger's: by Elaine Nicholson - Action for Asperger's, Peterborough, UK

The Next Generation: Social Stories™, PowerPoint®, Storymovies™ and More!: by Carol Gray - The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding , Grand Rapids, USA

Rapid Quantitative Assessment of Autistic Social Impairment by Classroom Teachers: by Dr John N. Constantino - Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Social Behaviour and Autism Traits in a Sex Chromosomal Disorder: Klinefelter (47XXY) Syndrome: by Dr Sophie van Rijn - Leiden University, the Netherlands

Alternative Dopamine Pathways and Sensory stimulation in Autistic Spectrum Disorders: by Qazi Fazli Azeem - Karachi, Pakistan

Comparison of Eating Attitudes between Adolescent Girls with and without Asperger's Syndrome: Daughters’ and Mothers’ Reports: by Dr Efrosini Kalyva - City College, Thessaloniki, Greece

Evidence-Based Friendship Training for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Replication Study of the UCLA PEERS Programme: by Dr Elizabeth Laugeson - UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behaviour, Los Angeles, USA

Insights into the brain: What have we learned from baby brothers and sisters of children with autism?: by Dr Mayada Elsabbagh - Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Autistic intelligence, autistic perception and autistic patterns of thought that we all share in different degrees - an update: by Sebastian Dern - Berlin, Germany

Superior discrimination of speech pitch and its relationship to verbal ability in autism spectrum disorders: by Professor Pam Heaton - Goldsmith's College, London. UK

What do children with autism attend to during imitation tasks?: by Dr Giacomo Vivanti - MIND Institute, Sacramento, California, USA

A Father’s View of Autism and Advocacy: by Jeff Sell - Autism Society of America, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Sensory gating in young children with autism: relation to age, IQ, and EEG gamma oscillations: by Dr Elena V. Orekhova - Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden

Growth in stature and head circumference in high-functioning autism and Asperger disorder during the first 3 years of life: by Dr Cheryl Dissanayake - La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia

Autism as developmental catatonia: by Professor Dirk Dhossche - University of Mississippi, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

The ‘Fractionable Autism Triad’: A Review of Evidence from Behavioural, Genetic, Cognitive and Neural Research: by Dr Angelica Ronald - School of Psychology, Birkbeck College, London, UK

Autism spectrum disorders in an adult psychiatric population: A naturalistic cross-sectional controlled study: by Dr Susanne Bejerot - Department of Psychiatry, St Gorans Hospital , Stockholm, Sweden

Investigating growth dysregulation in autism: by Dr Cheryl Dissanayake - La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia

Comorbidity in autism spectrum disorders: by Dr Roberto Canitano - University General Hospital, Siena, Italy

Coloured overlays enhance visual perceptual performance in children with autism spectrum disorders: by Dr Amanda Ludlow - Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK.

Literature mining for a better understanding of autism: by Dr Marta Macedoni Luksic - Paediatric Hospital, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Overview of the Autism Dog Programme: by Nuala and Dale Gardner - Scotland

Language comprehension in autism: by Dr Jon Brock - Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, Sydney, Australia.

Teaching complex social skills to children with autism: Advances of video modelling: by

The Child in the Glass Bubble: by Dr Olav Skille - Tønsberg, Norway

Informing practice: Sensory Integration and autism: by Annie Tyhurst - New Delhi, India

Autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia spectrum disorders in adults - is there a connection? A literature review and some suggestions for future clinical research: by Dr Lena Nylander - University Hospital, Lund, Sweden

Risperidone for PDD children and adolescents: predictors of long-term use (36 months): a pilot study: by Dr Laura Anchisi -

Autism and Law Enforcement Contacts: by Dennis Debbaudt - Debbaudt Detective Agency, Florida, USA

Reduced social interaction and ultrasonic communication in a mouse model of monogenic heritable autism: by Dr Nils Brose - Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine, Göttingen, Germany

Pre-natal and Birth Complications in Autism: by Dr Michael Brimacombe - UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School , Newark, USA

Self-Injury in Autism: A new indication for ECT?: by Dr Lee Wachtel - Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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