Pelvic Floor Strong System Review: The Ultimate Solution for Bladder Control?

Pelvic Floor Strong System is an online program designed exclusively for women struggling with urine incontinence and other pelvic floor dysfunctions. These conditions affect approximately 24% of women in the United States and can product symptoms like urine leakage, lower back pain, reduced sexual desire, and a decrease in sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, there are many natural factors that can cause your pelvic floor muscles to weaken, such as pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. The good news: just like every other muscle in your body, your pelvic floor muscles can be repaired and strengthened and that’s precisely what this program teaches you how to do.

Pelvic Floor Strong System is the ultimate system for learning how to repair your pelvic floor right from the comfort of your own home. It consists of a simple, three-step healing protocol that aims to heal your body from the inside out, for effective and long-lasting relief. It requires only a few minutes a day and no additional equipment, tools or assistance is needed to use the program. You won’t need to use any invasive devices like koni eggs or potentially harmful medications either. Instead, the program focuses on using a series of strategic movements that address your symptoms at the source to eradicate them for good.

Pelvic Floor Strong System Review

What is Pelvic Floor Strong System About?

If you’re struggling with the symptoms associated with a weakened pelvic floor, such as urine leakage, you aren’t alone. While men can also experience these issues at times, women are more prone to urine incontinence due to the impact pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause has on their pelvic floor muscles. In fact, 80% of urine incontinence cases are reported in women. T

Pelvic Floor Strong System is an online program teaches women how to address the issues and symptoms associated with a weakened pelvic floor at the source, so they can finally get the relief they’re looking for. It’s comprehensive program that uses a natural solution for healing urine incontinence and other symptoms being caused by a weakened pelvic floor system. It consists of a simple three-step process which is:

  1. 360° Breathing
  2. Three Step Movement Sequence
  3. Good Posture

Pelvic Floor Strong System provides you with detailed explanations and steps that guide you through using the program. It also comes with valuable information that helps gain the knowledge needed to understand your condition and ultimately, start healing it. For example, the program teaches you about your symptoms and their underlying causes, diastasis recti and other pelvic floor dysfunctions, the importance of proper posture, ways to strengthen your core to improve your pelvic floor muscles, the use of kegels, daily steps you can take to strengthen your pelvic area and the surrounding muscles and so much more.

All of this is put into different sections of the program for an easy, gradual learning experience. For example, Pelvic Floor Strong System comes with:

  • Main Manual + Informational Video
  • Flat Belly Fast Manual + Video
  • Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist
  • Free Bonus #1: Fat-Burning Dessert Recipes
  • Free Bonus #2: 25 “Forbidden” Cures: Uncensored Health Book
pelvic floor strong system download page
Preview of the Pelvic Floor Strong System’s Download Page.
This is where you will view and download the materials.

As the program is digital, all the content is available to you immediately upon purchase. You can download it onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and access it anytime and anywhere. The program also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, giving you the opportunity to try it out for two full months and see how it works for you, absolutely risk-free.

Who Created Pelvic Floor Strong System?

Alex Miller, the creator of the Pelvic Floor Strong System, is a renowned female health specialist and fitness instructor. She has extensive experience in prenatal and postnatal fitness, functional movement, weight training, and meditation. Alex has taught at several prestigious fitness studios in Vancouver and has trained top leaders in various industries, including chiropractors, professional athletes, celebrities, and physical therapists. Additionally, Alex holds certifications in Pilates Mat by the Physicalmind Institute of Canada, Postpartum Corrective Exercises by Dr. Sarah Duvall, CanFitPro FIS, TRX, Lagree Fitness, and Schwinn Cycling.

Overview of the Pelvic Floor Strong System

Pelvic Floor Strong System is a comprehensive program designed to help women overcome urine incontinence and other pelvic floor dysfunctions, such as diastasis recti – naturally and permanently. The program provides a wealth of resources including guides and videos that aim to provide you with everything you need to understand and easily implement the healing regime.

For example, the program covers a wide range of topics including the various types of pelvic dysfunction, identifying the type you may have, and what to do if you suffer from an overactive or underactive pelvic floor. It also teaches you how to release overactive muscles, the definition and importance of kegels, and much more.

In addition to the incredible knowledge, the program teaches you s a three-step regime that addresses the root cause (a weakened pelvic floor) of the symptoms you’re experiencing, so you can find quick and long-lasting relief. This regime consists of using a series of simple movements that can be added into your daily routine to help strengthen and repair your body from the inside out. The routine comes with clear and detailed instructions each step of the way, as well as diagrams, videos, and photos to ensure you know how to perform each movement correctly so you can achieve the best possible results.

In addition to all of this, you also receive a helpful Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist that allows you to track your progress over the 10-week period, making it easy to monitor your improvement.

Let’s take a deeper look into what the program comes with.

Main Manual

  1. About Alex
  2. Introduction
  3. The Pelvic Floor
    • What is the Pelvic Floor?
    • When Your Pelvic Floor is Functional, You Experience…
    • When Your Pelvic Floor is Dysfunctional, You Experience…
    • Two Types of Pelvic Dysfunction
    • Is My Pelvic Floor Overactive or Underactive?
    • How to Release Tight/Overactive Pelvic Floor Muscles
    • What is a Kegel?
    • How to Do a Proper Kegel
  4. 360 ° Breathing
    • What is 360 ° Breathing?
    • How to 360 ° Breathe
  5. The Core
    • Your Core is an Abdominal Canister
    • Intra-Abdominal Pressure
    • Engaging Your Core
    • Follow These Steps to Learn How to Engage your Core
  6. Posture
    • Incorrect Yet Common Postures
    • Finding Your Neutral Spine
    • Tight Pecs
    • Pec Stretches
    • Try This
  7. Diastasis Recti
    • What is Diastasis Recti?
    • Why is Diastasis Recti Problematic?
    • How to Check for Diastasis Recti
    • Improving Diastasis Recti
    • Different Variations of Diastasis Recti
  8. Daily Steps

The main guide provides you with all the information needed for a full understanding of your pelvic floor muscles, the functions they serve, and how the program can help you heal a variety of health concerns, such as urine incontinence and other pelvic floor dysfunctions. It also helps you identify the specific type of pelvic floor issue you are experiencing and comes with a range of solutions that can help you strengthen your muscles for long-term results.

pelvic floor strong manual - table of contents
The Pelvic Floor Strong’s main manual PDF – table of contents.

Quick Access: Three Step Movement Sequence Video

The program offers a Quick Start option that includes a three-minute tutorial on the three-movement sequence. This sequence is specifically designed to help heal your pelvic floor muscles and eliminate urine leakage and other related symptoms. This option allows you to start right away without having to read or watch any additional content.

Information Video

The information video offers the same content as the manual but in a video format. It covers the same topics and uses the same methodology, making it an excellent alternative for those who prefer to learn visually rather than read the guide.

Our Opinion

Advantages of the Program

  • The program uses a completely natural approach
  • It involves a straightforward, simple three-step process
  • Targets weakened pelvic floor muscles responsible for urine leakage and other common female symptoms
  • Only requires three minutes per day for use
  • Can easily fit into any schedule, as it can be done at home without any additional equipment or assistance
  • Suitable for all women, regardless of age or type of pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Covers a wide range of pelvic floor dysfunctions
  • Digital format allows for immediate access on personal tech devices
  • Developed by a female health specialist
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee

Disadvantages of the Program

Pelvic Floor Strong System does not come in a physical package, as the program is entirely digital. However, the digital format offers many benefits. For example, you receive immediate access to the program after purchase, which means you can start the healing process right away. The program is also accessible on any of your personal tech devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, making it easy to use whenever and wherever you want. Additionally, you have easy navigation and searchability of the content with the digital format. Needless the say, the digital format definitely offers convenience and accessibility for women.

If you prefer a hardcopy, you have the option to download and print the guide from home.


Pelvic Floor Strong System is a comprehensive program designed specifically for women who are struggling with urine incontinence or other symptoms related to a weakened pelvic floor. The program is created by Alex Miller, a female health specialist and fitness instructor who has trained some of the top leaders in various industries, including chiropractors, physical therapists, professional athletes, and celebrities. With this program, you learn her highly renowned three-step system for addressing and healing urine leakage and other related symptoms at the source. The program is 100% natural, and it doesn’t require any extra equipment or assistance. You only need a minimum of three minutes a day to use the program, making it easy to squeeze into your busy day. It is also designed for women of all ages and all types of pelvic floor dysfunctions, and addresses other issues such as diastasis recti, overactive or underactive pelvic floor, and many others.

The program even comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which gives you a risk-free opportunity to try the entire system out. You have nothing to lose, other than those weak pelvic muscles and all of the annoying symptoms of such.

Download Pelvic Floor Strong System PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do the exercises in Pelvic Floor Strong System take to do?

The three-step movement sequence takes approximately three minutes, with each exercise taking about a minute. You should perform the exercises three to four times per week.

Do I need any specific equipment or tools to follow the program?

No, all you need is a chair and enough space to lay down and perform the exercises. If desired, you may want to use a yoga mat for additional comfort.

Is the program safe?

The program consists mainly of gentle, low-impact exercises, without any strenuous activities or supplement requirements. So, it should be safe for anyone to use. However, if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns, it is recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning the program.

Can the program be used by men?

Absolutely, the information and overall approach can be applied to men as well.

Are the program materials available for download?

Yes, the PDF eBook and videos can be downloaded or saved to your devices for convenient access.

Is there any discount code available?

The program is already offered at a discounted price, and there are no further discounts or coupon codes available at this time. However, you can check the official website for any ongoing promotions or special offers.


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