tips to strengthen hip flexors

Hip Flexors: How To Strengthen or Loosen Them

Tight hip flexors can impact several areas of your body, causing tightness or achiness, pain or injury, particularly in your lower back or standing, poor posture and difficulty standing up straight. And that’s only to name a few possible scenarios.
It’s a muscle group linked to many different parts of the body, which also means that loosening up your hip flexors can help your health in a vast array of ways.

back pain relief tips

Back Pain Relief: 12 Tips and Strategies To Try Out!

Back pain is one the most common reasons people visit the doctor. It accounts for 101.8 million missed workdays in the United States and affects approximately 80% of the population at least once.

An effective treatment plan for all types of back pain will factor in your individual circumstances, causes, and health. It should be natural and designed to heal your back pain at the root source to eliminate and prevent it for good.