AWARES - the All Wales Autism Resource

Welcome to AWARES, the All Wales Autism Resource. AWARES aims to provide you with links to all of the autism information and resources you could need within Wales, and also to useful online resources outside of Wales.

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The site is available in Welsh or English, so that you can choose your preferred language.

How to use this site

There is a large amount of information on AWARES, and so we have broken this down into several distinct areas. You can use the navigation to browse around the site, or use the search facility to search the whole site and then choose the information you are looking for.

Searching for local resources

The key to finding physical resources is that we make information available by county. Each resource is classified by the type of help and information it provides, and its location (for physical resources, such as schools and support groups).

Just use the county maps or area listings to find your local autism resources. Our listings include:

Searching for online resources

AWARES allows you to browse online autism resources without leaving the main site, making it easy to work through many related sites to choose the one most suitable for you.

Online resources include:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Diagnosis and assessment
  • Conditions related to autism
  • Speech therapy

Autism in the news

AWARES provides both Welsh autism news and also broader autism news. Our comprehensive archive provides easy access to autism stories within Wales and around the World. Where so much media coverage of autism is driven by hype, we will present a balanced view to inform you and help you make decisions based on your own understanding of autism.

Autism discussion groups

If you have a question about autism or a related condition, you can ask our online discussion groups for an answer.

Community autism library and information centre

Autism is often misunderstood, and so within the library and information centre you will find a wealth of information about autism, ways to help people with autism, and an online autism seminar room. Our online seminars will help both parents and carers and also medical, care and social services professionals.

Professional autism information centre

Our professional area provides medical professionals, care workers and social services with the chance to discuss the latest research in a secure environment. Welsh professionals will have access to autism specialists from Wales and abroad.

Should AWARES include your organisation?

If you know of any autism resources we should add to this site, please e-mail us on, or call on 01970 625256. In particular, we are looking for local support groups, specialist care homes and GPs with specialist autism experience.


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