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First-Hand Experiences - Voices From the Spectrum

Aspergerís Syndrome: A Matter of Attention


Most of us have heard people say “Oh he/she just wants attention” or “.. they are so ego centric everything evolves around them. They always have to have things ‘their way’”. This presentation will explore ‘attention’ and some of its associated outcomes, from two perspectives: the neuro-typical disposition (individuals without Asperger’s Syndrome) and the AS disposition (if you prefer it, you can say ‘individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome’).

It is my belief that understanding issues of ‘attention’ will also assist in any intervention that is considered for individuals along the spectrum of autism. Understanding before action is crucial. It is essential to know how to separate low-level behaviours as signals for “I am not coping here, please help me”, rather than allowing ‘behaviour’ to escalate until an individual has to fight or become abusive to get their needs met. This presentation will explore valued outcomes for all concerned.

Dr Wendy Lawson
Author, Australia

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Dr Wendy Lawson