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About the conference

In May 2004, Autism Cymru ran the 1st Wales International Autism Conference. To our delight and embarrassment, we had to turn many delegates away. We therefore set out to run an event that brings together many of the same speakers, but make sure that we do not have to turn away any delegates. The AWARES Conference Centre is our answer.

Now in our fifth year, Autism2009, yet again, you have the unique opportunity to put your questions directly to the autism experts, as well as to exchange views with thousands of delegates. Among the experts participating are:  Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor Susan Leekam, Dr Gary Mesibov, Donna Williams, Dr Wendy Lawson, Dr Susan Folstein, Merry Barua, Dr Darold Treffert,  Professor Stuart Murray, Stephen Shore, Thorkil Sonne, Dr Manuel Casanova, Dr Connie Kasari Dr Pamela Heaton, Dr Dirk Dossche, Dr Wendy Kates, Dr George Anderson and Dr Amanda Ludlow.  I will try to persuade as many experts as possible to stay on for the second week.

Target audiences

  • People with autism or Asperger Syndrome
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Social workers
  • Probation officers
  • Police officers
  • Medical professionals
  • Care professionals
  • Researchers

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